3d Printer design selection (google translation)

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Well, when purchasing the 3d printer for the first time, you still get lost. There are various designs. Is not it 3 patterns that look like the following well?

Box style
Advantages Disadvantages
Print quality expensive
Structural quality
High precision
Advantages Disadvantages
Print quality precision
Structural quality
open style
Advantages Disadvantages
Print quality maintenance
Cheap big size
open source noise

I bought an open 3d printer, but at first it was quite a hard time to adjust. It will be surprising if you get used to it, but the most boring is noise. Because the bed is on the Y axis where the bed moves frequently, when the bed is moving all the time, it generates noise as it is. I think that there is a silent kid, even if it is mounted, the sound of the fan is concerned. I need to make a soundproof box. So, if you have a little budget, I think that the box type is better. Or I think that it is better to choose a printer product whose bed is on the Z axis.

Or if you are interested, it is good to purchase the assembled kid on the net, but you can select the frame yourself and purchase each part by yourself as original or also as your own product. If necessary, support here as well, order necessary parts here, you can print out cheaply at a price.

Please challenge and try making your own 3d printer from 0 to 1 yourself. Next, I will introduce the selection of the frame of the 3D printer next time.
Continue, thank you.