Automatic mouse click tool on PC (fast response)

Publish the Java version of the super-fast automatic click tool.
You can click to connect 10 consecutive points maximum.
Because it does not write how to use, I describe it here.
0. Start Speedclick
* If you do not have Java installed, please install Java.
1.Mouse over the button you want to click.
2.When you press the F8 key on your keyboard, the point you want to click is created.
3. Then, hit F8 to register the point you want to click.
4. You can register up to 10 points.
5. Press F9 to start clicking on the point where you registered the mouse.
6. Press F9 to exit.
* Note: After registering the click Point, do not move the screen you want to click.


If you have any questions, please comment.
Please feel free to contact us if you wish to change the software or add functions to your request.